Black Mold Removal Tips

Do it yourself black mold removal resource and educational guide

Do It Yourself Mold Removal

Written by Timothy Crasnick

Having a mold problem in your house is a fairly significant issue, and having a black mold problem is even more of a concern due to the fact that black mold can cause serious health complications, and even death. That being said, most people don’t even realize that their home may be contaminated with mold until the problem becomes so severe that it may in fact cause serious health issues with certain family members. You don’t want to learn that you have black mold in your house this way, and by taking the time to learn about the appropriate indicators that may signify the presence of mold within your home you can help ensure that you will avert any sort major complications before they escalate to such a level. Once identified, you can be on your way to a do it yourself mold removal project.

Learning about these things is actually really simple, and in reality there are only a few items you need to be aware of that may let you know about the presence of mold within your home. Mold almost always becomes a problem as a result of the buildup of unwanted moisture in a particular area of your house, and if you ever consciously know that your home has experienced a flood, or the invasion of some unwanted moisture, you should immediately inspect that area of your house for evidence of mold. Fortunately, you probably have some inexpensive black mold removal products on hand to aid you in the project.

The most classic indicators of mold are a blackish, yellowish, or greenish discoloration of either the walls, floor, or ceiling, although any sort of color alterations should be noted, and further investigated. Black mold gets its name from its characteristically black shade, and if you see anything that may look like a dark substance adhering to a particular section of the room, you may have grounds for the suspicion of mold growth. The next major indicator of mold has to do with its smell, as the preponderance of mold growth is accompanied by a musty, and mildewy smell that is almost unmistakable. If you ever experience such a smell in a particular room of your home, you should first ask yourself if there has been any water damage, or presence of moisture during the past year or so, and if the answer is yes then there is a good chance that you may have a mold problem.

After the actual appearance of discoloration, and smell, the next classic indicator of mold growth is the occurrence of any sort of health issues, or symptoms that are not normal. Mold can cause a vast array of health problems, from classic cold and allergy symptoms such as cough, runny nose, and itchy eyes, all the way up to serious respiratory difficulties, such as shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and even bleeding lungs. While most forms of mold don’t cause such severe health effects, the majority of mold can cause the minor cold-like symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. So, whenever you, or any of your family members experience these types of symptoms on a regular basis, particularly when in a certain part of the house, you may have reason to believe that there is mold present in your home. By taking all of these indicators into consideration you should be able to know about the problem before it gets very serious, and hopefully you can take the proper do it yourself mold removal steps to get rid of the mold upon learning about its growth so that your family doesn’t have to suffer from any of its ill effects.