Black Mold Removal Tips

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How to Remove Black Mold

Written by Timothy Crasnick

If you are currently suffering from a black mold problem then you must take the appropriate steps to take care of the problem as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that black mold can cause serious health issues which can even result in death. Once you have identified the location of the mold you must then eliminate the moisture that has provided the environment the mold needed to thrive. It is then important that you get rid of the mold that has infected that particular area of your home, and while this may seem like an enormous task, it doesn’t have to be if you know what you’re doing. The best way how to remove black mold typically consists of using the appropriate cleaning agents in combination with the proper cleaning processes that can safely get rid of the mold in the most efficient manner.

This should begin by first preparing yourself to engage the area of your home where the mold is located. You must put on the proper safety equipment before you decide to enter this area, as black mold is highly toxic, and can cause significant health problems with only a limited amount of exposure. This means that you must remember to wear gloves, goggles or some other kind of eye protection, and a surgical mask or some other type of breathing apparatus that can protect you from inhaling the mold spores if you plan on engaging in any sort of black mold removal project.

Once you have put on all of this safety gear, you should then plan on cleaning up the mold with a simple solution of soap and water. There is no point in using a potent disinfectant right away as this will only serve as overkill, and in actuality you can get this job done with a much safer and less harmful cleaning agent. You need to prepare yourself by stockpiling a number of sponges or clothes that can clean up the mold and then be thrown away. The key is to either lightly spray the mold with your soap and water solution, or spray only the cloth, sponge, or towel you are putting to use, and to then put in the effort to go ahead and wipe up the actual mold. Remember that you should immediately discard the towels, sponges, clothes, etc. you used to do this, and upon completion the majority of the mold should now be eliminated from that area.

You now need to disinfect the region with a potent cleaning agent, as there are still mold spores located in the area that you just went over with your soap and water solution. You can use any number of cleaning agents to do this, but the one I recommend the most consists of one cup of bleach mixed in with one gallon of water. This is a highly potent mixture that should easily take care of the remaining mold spores, and the key is to meticulously go over all of the affected areas with a good rubdown. It is then smart to discard any towels, shammies, etc. that you may have used, and to let the appropriate areas to dry for a substantial amount of time. Once the affected areas are fully dried, you can then go back and inspect the surrounding areas to make sure that you didn’t miss anything.

Now that you know how to remove black mold, the final thing you need to do is to make sure that the source of the moisture that caused the emergence of the black mold in the first place doesn’t come back and cause the same problem, leaving you with another black mold removal job. Without the moisture the black mold shouldn’t come back, but it is always a smart move to check back periodically to ensure that it is completely gone for good.